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Head Brewer

Brew York

United Kingdom (York)

We have an exciting opportunity for an experienced brewery professional to join as Head Brewer and oversee all production and packaging at their brand new custom built twin 50HL brewhouse facility opening this November/December with an initial 1,000HL+ of fermentation capacity. Must have advanced scientific knowledge demonstrated by a degree in one of the sciences. Where primary degree is not in the sciences a formal certificate in brewing (i.e. Herriot-Watt or IBD Diploma) is required. Must have at least 2 years’ experience working in senior brewery role with excellent knowledge of modern brewing and packaging practices. Must have a keen understanding of quality management systems including SALSA and HACCP. Experience implementing a stringent QC approach with a passion for continual process optimisation is critical. 

Brew York have exciting ambitions to grow their unique product range and exploit new growth opportunities (with craft lagers and no/low alcohol beers a likely focus). The right candidate would co-ordinate the development of such beers and outline the overall production approach 

Good package including phone and use of company vehicle available (Actual package dependent on experience). 

So, if you would like to come and join a team that words hard but likes to have fun send your email and covering letter to People@brewyork.co.uk 

Role details 

Based at: Brew York Ltd, Units A-C Handley Park, Outgang Lane, Osbaldwick, York, YO195UP 

Job purpose: Oversee the brewing process, taking responsibility for raw materials, operatives and technicians, as well as maintaining the safe and effective running of the plant and machinery. 

 Key responsibilities and accountabilities: 

 Managing Brewery Teams 

  • Manage and train all team members on the brewery floor to meet objectives. Must be able to clearly communicate directions to colleagues and inspect the quality of their work. May involve work in both brewery locations. 

Raw Material/Supplier Management 

  • Purchase raw materials, such as hops, yeast and cereal grains, ensuring that they meet the required quality standard and that the components necessary for brewing are always available, handling supply chain issues where appropriate 
  • Oversee water quality and filtration approach, tailoring water profiles to each specific style as desired 
  • Find new suppliers and review existing ones always looking to maximise quality and value 
  • Ensure the correct storage and stock management of raw materials 
  • Oversee performance of yeast counts, viability checks, yeast cropping and storage 

Planning & Budget Management 

  • Plan budgets, manage outgoing costs, keep track of stock and records of raw materials 
  • Work with Head Brewer, Production Manager and Packaging Manager to schedule all production/packaging activities and allocation of resource across both locations 

Production Management and Optimisation 

  • Use specific scientific knowledge and experience to ensure the production process is in order and brewing conditions are ideal. This will involve some in-depth scientific analysis of the brew at specific points in the production process.  
  • Oversee monitoring of fermentation through temperatures, pH and quality checks, making any necessary production adjustments 
  • Maintain very detailed records of the brewing process, raw materials, production stage timings and quality checks to ensure that specific targets are met, and the brew conditions are uniform 
  • Work with the QA team, who carry out further tests to improve products  
  • Keep up to date with developments in technology in the industry 

Packaging Management and Optimisation 

  • Oversee preparation of Beer for Packaging, to include but not limited to cellar management, centrifugation, carbonation, CO2 monitoring, DO/TPO monitoring. 
  • Work with Packaging Manager to schedule and control the packaging of beer into small pack, casks and kegs with a clear focus on quality and constant process optimisation 

Product Development 

  • Develop new recipes for seasonal and speciality beers ensuring when required that they appeal to a particular market (new likely areas of focus include Craft Lagers, Mixed and Spontaneously Fermented beers, No/Low Alcohol Beers and Low Carb Beers). This will on occasion be with the Production but will involve the opportunity to develop and release beers at original brewery facility and new larger production facility. 
  • Introduce new or different methods of brewing and product styles 

Equipment Acquisition/Maintenance 

  • Ensure all equipment is properly maintained and instruct the team on how to perform the necessary maintenance. Inform brewery equipment purchasing decisions and advise the brewery on how to improve the production line with new equipment. 


  • Ensure all regulatory and audit objectives met (COSHH, SALSA, Food Hygiene Level 2 etc).  
  • Ensure all work adheres to quality and safety standards at all times 

Required Qualifications/Experience 


  • Advanced scientific knowledge demonstrated by a degree in brewing or one of the sciences (Chemistry, Chemical Engineering, Microbiology, Food Technology etc) 
  • Where primary degree not founded in brewing and distilling a formal certificate in brewing such as that provided by the Institute of Brewing and Distilling (IBD) is required 
  • 5 to 10 years experience 
  • A minimum of 2 years experience working in a senior brewery production role  
  • Knowledge of the craft beer sector and beer industry 
  • Knowledge of modern manufacturing practices, principles and techniques 
  • Experience analysing and improving beer production processes 
  • Good interpersonal skills 
  • Good people management skills 
  • A good knowledge of QC programmes and HACCP 


  • Mechanical or engineering experience 

Personal Attributes 


  • You will be expected to be a pro-active, self-motivated, passionate, driven, natural born innovator with a methodical and detail orientated approach 

Hours of Work & Holiday Entitlement 

  • 40 hours per week (Mon-Sun, sometimes inclusive of evenings) 
  • Holidays – 20 days per annum 

Compensation & Benefits 

  • Bonus potential based on Targets being met  
  • Targets and Salary annually reviewable 
  • Phone Allowance  
  • Use of company vehicle  
  • One case (12 x 440ml) of core beer per month 
  • Staff Discount  
  • Uniform (Brewers Wellies, T-Shirts, Hoodies, Bib and Brace/Work Trousers 
  • Company Pension (3% of eligible salary) Contributions